Proven as an ultra-low SWaP software-defined IBS-CIB receiver, SSR interfaces with the US Govt TRS 6.x terminal system and provides force tracking anywhere, as a backup to existing CIB radios or as an extremely low-cost, lightweight alternative radio.

  • ENTR API emulation
  • USB-C connectivity; bus-powered, separated signal and crypto.
  • NSA Type-1 Crypto capable.
  • Separated Crypto and Signal in one box.
  • DS101 key fill. 
  • Standard easily-adaptable SMA antenna connections
  • Custom high error-tolerance CPM implementation.
  • Extensibility: Fully adaptable to new waveforms in addition to IBS-CIB.
  • Compatible with TRS 6.x out of the box.
  • JITC and NSA certification pending and in process.

"In the field" backpack warfighter CIB access.  UAV track receipt. On-weapon track receipt. Ship/vehicle/field emergency backup. Adding CIB capability to existing systems.