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TapHere!® Radio doesn't just make radios. We're broadly experienced systems engineers who implement end to end solutions for the RF environment. Our team has experience in creating novel baseband systems, as well as integrating existing waveforms into a software-defined format. We've developed softmodems, codecs, protocol translators and information systems for the government, academia, military, industry and first responders. We're amateur radio operators and technologists; engineers as well as users. Our view is of the entire RF system, including the operator's user experience as well as the channel.


TapHere!® Radio is a division of the broader TapHere Technology team. Since 2005, we've been providing technical solutions for the public and government sectors. Our Engineering Services division provides DevOps, big data and cloud capabilities and systems/software engineering and integration expertise. Mission Support offers capabilities in signals and information intelligence, counterintelligence, data collection, surveillance and reconnaisance for the mil/gov sphere. And Partner Solutions leverages our partnerships with organizations like Chef, Red Hat and AWS for systems consultation and integration in the security, automation, and cloud fields.

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TapHere!® Radio Engineering Lab
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