Introducing SABR Micro

Software Agile Baseband Radio

Tiny, powerful, and easy.

The SABR SM Series changes the traditional approach to software defined radios. Smaller than your average deck of cards, bus-powered, and built into a rugged, thermally coupled aluminum casing, SABR won't take up much room on your lab bench can be easily integrated into existing devices. Out of the box SABR supports some of the most popular SDR and engineering platforms, plug and play.

If you're looking to roll your own SDR solution, our developer-friendly API doesn't require preconfiguration or lengthy image loads - even a minimally RF-experienced coder can be working with signals using C#, C++ or other languages like Python via our ZMQ interface, within minutes.

Start simple, and grow.

The base SABR SM3000 supports 40 MHz to 6 GHz transmit and receive. It's bus-powered via USB-C, so no external bricks or power leads are needed. It operates at full USB 3 speeds, to support 60+ MHz of bandwidth at 12 bits. (It's USB 2 compatible at lower bandwidths, though!) No need to know obscure chipset configurations, just tune to your frequency and go. But SABR is also up to the challenge of operating on its own: SABR includes user-accessible space on the low power draw Artix-7 FPGA and onboard DDR RAM, so engineers can go beyond.

Designed to adapt.

SABR's general I/O interface allows for integrated extensibility. Extensions coming soon include an HF converter that will allow SABR to operate seamlessly below 40 MHz, transparently to any host programs or API implementations. And a switchable filterbank to get the most from your signal in the field.

Software Defined Radio

Laboratory-grade, made user friendly.


Historically, SDR solutions have had a steep learning curve to develop for, with extremely thin APIs geared towards engineers. SABR takes a different approach, allowing even programming beginners to quickly set up an RF-enabled application, while maintaining the capability for powerful direct access to the hardware.


The TapHere!® Radio team consists of RF engineers and operators who are SDR users, not just developers. SABR was developed as a response to frustrations and shortcomings we had to deal with every day in the SDR space. We've set out to create a radio that we want to use everday.


TapHere's SDRs are manufactured in the USA, designed by the same team that develops - and implements - our supporting software. Where many other SDR systems stop once the RF reaches your computer, the TapHere!® Radio team is always thinking of new ways to use SDR technology. We design for real-world use, since we use our designs in the real world.

Plug and Play

Compact, rugged, with no external power bricks. No need to upload a massive FPGA image every time you turn it on, and no driver replacement programs needed every time you switch ports. USB-C 3.0 at 5Gbps, with USB-A and USB 2.0 compatibility; 40MHz to 6 GHz RX/TX with HF support on the way. Compatibility with most popular SDR programs, or you can quickly add RF capability to your application.